Ravi Welch, Ms will hold online workshop: Introduction to Transactional analytic treatment of psychosis on October 24th 2021, at 5pm to 7pm (Central European Time  GMT/UTC + 1h).

National Association for Transactional Analysis of Serbia  – NATAS and Union of associations of psychotherapies of Serbia will host this event.

This workshop will be held as pre-congress workshop of XI Congress of Psychotherapy of Serbia titled Brave New World, that will occur from 28 to 30 October 2021. in Belgrade.

Online workshop will be held on Zoom app.

In this 2 hours, free online workshop Ravi Welch, MS, Psychologist, Integrative psychotherapist who worked at Cathexis Institute with severely disturbed patients, will make an introduction on how Transactional Analysis theoretically sees and practically does the treatment of people with psychosis in the realm of reparenting/Cathexis school of Transactional Analysis.

In the course of the workshop he will cover:

  • Basic child development of psychosis
  • As a basis for interventions and putting together the program
  • Basic development of different forms of schizophrenia
  • Development of psychosis and the development of the Ego state structures specifically in schizophrenia,  
  • Then it becomes apparent how we can do the therapy on the basis of that knowledge
  • What is really reparenting approach to psychotherapy of psychotic patients and how it works

Talking of Ego states structure that develops, and Schizophrenia as a result of that, and why it develops that way, leads us to talking about how to use that as a basis how treatment functions, focusing particularly on the process of reparenting therapy.

Usually people have a false understanding of the term reparenting and that is because that is a third hand information – people have written about it, and read about it and then talked about it and the information gets little changed  trough these transformations. 

So people usually think reparenting means to have people to be a child and have to grow them up again. But in fact, reparenting talks about Parent Ego state structure.

And the psychotic patients have a specific kind of a relationship with their Parent Ego state, and that is why they are being psychotic.

The term „reparenting“ is specifically dealing with a fact that people with schizophrenia have a different relationship to Parent Ego state structure then people who don’t have it. So what we do in reparenting  is, that people with schizophrenia let go of their pathological Parent Ego state and they incorporate a new Parent Ego state which is then also in the resonance with the rest of the personality.

And how that comes to be that they have this specific Parent Ego state structure has to do with development in the childhood until the age of 10 basically.

And we have to understand that to be able to make sense of the way of how the therapy works.

So, Ravi Welch will give some child development information, and he will differentiate some between different kinds of schizophrenia for that.

Fort the other kinds of psychosis this theoretical concepts and practical psychotherapy applications are compatible, except for people who have psychotic Bipolar disorder, formerly known as Manic-Depressive psychosis.

People with Bipolar psychotic disorder have a different personality structure, because they have a different family structure, so this time he will not talk about that.

Then he will talk about general Ego states structure and how it is different than for people who are in the normal categories and then about what we need to do in therapy to heal.

After that we will have some time for questions, because we have only two hours.

You can find here interview with Ravi Welch about this workshop

You can find here interview with Ravi Welch about this workshop:

You can find here interview with Ravi Welch about his professional and personal journey:

This online video seminar will be held in English and Serbian with professional consecutive translation.  (You can read here about consecutive interpreting: what is consecutive interpreting)

Participants will receive a certificate of 2 hours of training.

Who is eligible for this two hours training?

Psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, clinical social workers have are eligible to participate in the seminar, but also all other professionals (special pedagogues, andragogues, MDs, nurses…) provided that they are in the process of training for psychotherapy, and that they have filled in application form.

Applications for participation should be sent no later than October 18th 2021, so that we can confirm with certainty the number of interested people to the lecturer.

On November 18 2021, the Health Council of Serbia, based on the request submitted by the organizers in October, passed the Decision number: 153-01-00620/2021-01 according to which this workshop was accredited as a professional meeting of the first category under the record number A-1-1593 / 21, whereby participants gain the right to 2 CE points.

We would like to remind participants, that in the Republic of Serbia, the Guide to Good Clinical Practice issued in 2013, is used in the planning and implementation of the treatment of schizophrenia – a clearly defined medical condition. For more details, click here.

For more information contact:

Zvonko (Zvonimir Ninić); Email: natasrbije@gmail.com