Richard Erskine’s, Ph.D.  workshop in Belgrade: “The Healing Relationship – Psychotherapy of Shame, Confusion and Psychological Withdrawal, has been postponed for December 2020 because of coronavirus pandemic. However, due to lecturer`s inability to travel because of current situation, the workshop will be held online.

Details regarding the online workshop that will be held on December 4, 5 and 6, 2020 can be found here.

Richard Erskine’s, Ph.D.  workshop in Belgrade at “Hotel M”, entitled: “The Healing Relationship – Psychotherapy of Shame, Confusion and Psychological Withdrawal, has been canceled by the workshop leader and by the organizer mutually, because of Covid-19 pandemic.

At the same time, we inform you that workshop leader, Hotel “M” and organizer did find a new workshop date. The new dates are December 4, 5. and 6. 2020.

We are hoping for your understanding, as we hope that the Covid-19 pandemic will be under such an degree of control until December 2020. and that workshop leader will be able to travel, as all the workshop participants, as well.

For all other questions, we kindly ask you to contact as in the end of June 2020, because until that time we hope that situation in Serbia will be under the control. Also, until that time, as many of you already know, we are engaged in organizing volunteer psychosocial first aid and crisis interventions during emergency with Covid-19, with Association of Psychotherapists of Serbia.

If the situation will be contained earlier, we are going to inform you immediately and we are going to be ready to answer to all of your questions about the workshop and all other questions.

Take care and stay healthy you and all members of your families.

Organizer Committee

One of the founders of integrative psychotherapy, a Gestalt therapist, a certified psychoanalyst and a certified transactional analyst, who founded the Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy in New York in 1976 and who is considered by many to be the world’s leading psychotherapist, Richard Erskine, Ph.D. will deliver a three-day workshop in Belgrade at “Hotel M”, entitled: “The Healing Relationship – Psychotherapy of Shame, Confusion and Psychological Withdrawal” from 15th to 17th May 2020.

WE DO NOT HAVE ANY MORE PLACES LEFT FOR THE WORKSHOP PARTICIPANTS! We kindly ask you if you want to apply for Waiting list you can do that, and we will inform you if someone cancels, so you can take his/her place.

We hereby invite psychotherapists, students and trainers of different psychotherapy modalities to apply to attend this workshop, and in particular transactional analysis, integrative psychotherapy, Gestalt therapy and psychoanalysis psychotherapists, psychotherapy students and trainers.

Take the opportunity to see a great master at work, to learn from a man who brilliantly, yet simply explains his concepts and masterfully leads client’s personal works. His workshops are widely attended everywhere in the world. This is a unique opportunity for anyone who wants to improve their psychotherapy skills and also to visit beautiful country of Serbia and to meet our vibrant psychotherapeutic community.

Richard Erskine is the only three-time Eric Bern Award winner (more details are available here) for his contributions to the development of transactional analysis, but he is also the founder of relationally focused – integrative psychotherapy, a set of methods that emphasize affective, cognitive, behavioural, and psychic integration, drawing on his original theory from a synthesis of different theoretical concepts.

He is one of those great lecturers who, during his lectures, explains complex theoretical concepts in a simple and clear manner, while experiential learning during live demonstrations becomes unforgettable and remains in us forever, both personally and professionally.

Professor Erskine is the author of many books and articles, a frequent lecturer and guest of universities and psychotherapy associations around the world, a legendary therapist who is a licensed psychoanalyst, clinical psychologist, group psychotherapist, transactional analyst and trainer, who was trained in psychotherapy by Laura and Fritz Perls, David Kupfer, Hedges Capers, Franklin Ernst, Jacqui Schiff, Morris Haimovich, William Holloway, Isadora Fromm, Robert Melniker and other great psychotherapy minds of the 20th century.

More details are available here.

Please note that this is a unique opportunity to see and hear this lecturer in Serbia, and that there will hardly be such an opportunity in future as he is in his late career and Serbia is economically challenged (yet very hospitable) country. For this reason, six psychotherapy associations: NATAS, TAC, TAUS, UTAS, SATA and SUIP have teamed up to organize such an important event in Serbia, supported by EATA.

Given the business commitments and engagements he still has as a lecturer, application forms should be submitted by 15th December, 2019, so we can definitely confirm his arrival.

If the sufficient number of attendees are not applied by the specified deadline, the workshop will be cancelled.

Namely, the number of attendees is large (in order to be financially sustainable), but limited upon request of the lecturer, and the whole organization of the event in such circumstances is demanding, so it is necessary that a non-refundable portion of the registration fee worth about 70% of the total registration fee should be paid to the NATAS account by 15th December 2019.

This portion of the registration fee shall be non-refundable if the workshop is held and the applicant does not attend the workshop. In case the workshop is not held, this portion of the registration fee shall be refunded less the bank transfer costs. The remaining portion of the registration fee must be paid by the start of the workshop.

The workshop is in the process of accreditation for Continual Medical Education and with the Social Workers Chamber of the Republic of Serbia. All attendees will receive a certificate of completion of three-day continuing psychotherapy education/course signed by Professor Erskine.

The registration fee does not include the costs of lunch (you can opt for lunch in the application form). As the prices listed below are much more favourable than the regular prices of Richard Erskine’s workshops in developed countries, since Serbia is economically challenged country, we expect a certain number of colleagues from around the World to apply, so three prices/registration fee categories are given – please see below.

Description of the workshop

The Healing Relationship – Psychotherapy of Shame, Confusion and Psychological Withdrawal”

Shame, confusion and psychological withdrawal are hallmarks of schizoid process, and this process can be present, yet unrecognised in many, even though very highly functioning clients

The term “schizoid” is often not well understood. It means to cut or split. Work of the schizoid process outgrew of consideration of issues related to both dissociation and shame. 

Shame and self-righteousness can be viewed as protective dynamics that help avoid vulnerability to humiliation and the loss of contact-in-relationship with others. The compounded and continual reinforcement of the belief ‘something is wrong with me’ presents the therapist with complex challenges which are specific and unique to the psychotherapy of shame.

Unresolved archaic shame and introjected shame  potentiate the pain of any current criticism, adding a toxicity to our clients’ reactions. Juxtaposition of the therapist’s inquiry and attunement, with the client’s memory of a lack of interpersonal contact in previous significant relationships, produces intense responses from the client and possible defensive reaction to the interpersonal contact offered by the therapist with fear, anger, increased worrying and shame.

Working with individuals who use dissociation as an ongoing coping mechanism and also with people for whom shame is a primary way of organizing their emotional experience, we need  to  emphasize inquiry into the client’s subjective experience in our methods of psychotherapy .Such clients require the psychotherapist’s consistent attunement to their affective state and the therapist’s attunement to their developmental (often pre-language) level of functioning. 

Therapeutic focus is not on behavioral change, but on the client’s internal process, validating the client’s subjective experience, to fill the psychological void the schizoid individual experiences internally. What becomes evident in a phenomenologically focused psychotherapy is the sequestered, hidden, encapsulated affect of the client’s self. If therapist is there in a healing, supportive, and clarifying way, that allows integration within the individual’s experience.

At this workshop, we use lecture, case-discussions and live demonstrations to first look at the interpersonal and intrapersonal dynamics of shame, confusion and psychological withdrawal. We will examine the relational disruptions as they occur in hystorical situations in one’s today’s intimate relationships. Through demonstrations, we will examine how the healing can occur through respect, contact, authenticity and involvement.

WE DO NOT HAVE ANY MORE PLACES LEFT FOR THE WORKSHOP PARTICIPANTS! We kindly ask you if you want to apply for Waiting list you can do that, and we will inform you if someone cancels, so you can take his/her place.

Workshop registration fees

In addition to attending the workshop, the registration fee also covers:

  • two coffee breaks during all three days of the workshop, which include coffee, tea, water, juice, salty/sweet pastry
  • a translator into Serbian
  • a copy of Erskine’s book in Serbian language, “Integrative Psychotherapy in Action” (Psihopolis, 2015) as well as the video of Erskine’s workshop in Belgrade in 2016 in English with a translation into Serbian.
  • Certificate of attendance at the workshop with hours of advanced psychotherapy training signed by Richard Erskine.

Payments from Serbia for the Region, for application by:

  • 29.750,00 RSD by 15th December 2019.
  • 35.700,00 RSD by 1st February 2020.
  • 41.650,00 RSD by 1st April 2020.
  • 47.600 RSD after 1st April 2020.

Region payments in EUR for application by (please see below):

  • 250€ by 15th December 2019.
  • 300€ by 1st February 2020.
  • 350€ by 1st April 2020.
  • 400€ after 1st April 2020.

We highly recommend to all interested persons in the region to apply by 15th December 2019 as the best price of 83.3 Euro per day of training will be available by that date.

Medium-developed countries, for application by (please see below):

  • 375€ by 15th December 2019.
  • 425€ by 1st February 2010.
  • 475€ by 1st April 2020.
  • 525€ after 1st April 2020.

Developed countries, for application by (please see below):

  • 500€ by 15th December 2019.
  • 550€ by 1st February 2020.
  • 600€ by 1st April 2020.
  • 650€ after 1st April 2020.

All applicants are required to pay about 70% of the price applicable to them at the time of registration (depending on date and region), while the remaining portion of the registration fee must be paid by the start of the workshop.

In case the workshop is cancelled, the money shall be refunded less the bank transfer costs.

  • The lowest price is € 250 for the attendees from the region and Serbia, and applies to the following countries)

Non-refundable registration fee of 150 €, payable by 15th December 2019 (i.e., for payments from Serbia for the Region 17.850,00 RSD):

Albania, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Estonia, Greece, Georgia, Croatia, Armenia, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine (all the former republics of the USSR).

All attendees who apply from the countries ITAA Talent 2 fall within this category:  

Algeria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Iran, Jamaica, Jordan, Kenya, Mauritius, Morocco, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Sri  Lanka, Syria, Tanzania, Thailand, Tunisia, Uganda, Uruguay, Us Virgin Islands, Venezuela, Vietnam, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

  • The medium-priced registration fee of 375 Euro applies for the countries included in ITAA Talent 1 list (except those already listed under “Region”)

The non-refundable portion of the registration fee of 260 Euro payable until 15th December 2019:

Argentina, Bahamas, Bahrain, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, India, Iraq, Lebanon, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Palestinian Territory, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Trinidad And Tobago.

  • Full price of 500 Euro, applies for the following and for all other countries

The non-refundable portion of the registration fee of 350 Euro payable by 15th December 2019:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bermuda, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong  Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New  Zealand, Norway, Oman, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States.


These prices do not include lunch in “Hotel M”. 

The additional amount of 4.641,00 RSD may be paid for lunch or 39 EUR for all three days. An applicant may opt for “no lunch” or for the option including lunch for all three days.

Application for the Workshop

The number of participants at the workshop is limited by the lecturer. However, due to huge interest in the workshop we received a certain additional increase of original number of participants. So, we have some additional places left. You are welcome to apply for the workshop.

After you send the online application form, please wait to be contacted by technical organizer before you make the payment.

If no one contacts you in three days, make sure that you have filled in the application form correctly or send us an e-mail.

We have noticed that a certain number of e-mails are being returned as non-existent e-mail addresses, which is probably due to an error while entering the e-mail in the application form.

If you have a problem with the application and if you need additional information, please contact us.

For more informaton on Belgrade sightseeing, transportation and accomodation you can visit Tourist Organization of Belgrade web site.

Richard Erskine Ph.D. lecturing, September 2019:

Source: YouTube-Florentina Mandoc

Source: YouTube-Florentina Mandoc

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